Christmas Cruise 2020

Where shall we start?

Well, Friday we will start with Happy Hour!  Load your gear on board and start with Happy Hour at 7pm Central.  It will be a MYOD night!  (Make Your Own Drink)  We have a number of drinks listed in the LFT FB group (which you will get access to with your Cruise Registration!).  We will be doing a fun Bash Your Stash that same night!  It will be SUUUUPER fun!  (and maybe even more so, depending on how many MYOD you have! 😉 )


We will have a super fun challenge that night, that we hope you will enjoy!  We know that your Christmas Cruise will be so much fun!  We have many things in plan for this fun trip!  Make sure to get registered by October 23rd, as that’s the last day!


~Your Captains:

Michelle & Danielle

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