Let’s go on a Jungle Safari!

Have you seen that the next expedition has been posted?  This is going to be so fun!

I don’t know about you, but I know that *I* am super excited about this next event!   While you will receive all of the paper items that you need for these classes, there are some additional items that you will need to complete everything as shown in the class information PDF that you will receive.  If you need to order any of these items, please add the Additional Items item in the store to your order, and we will reach out and figure out what we need to get ordered for you!



Additional Supplies Needed to complete projects:

Markers I used:

  • Orange TriBlend™ Marker Z2480
  • Dull Green TriBlend™ Marker Z2486
  • Hydrangea TriBlend™ Marker Z2494
  • Citrus TriBlend™ Marker Z2482
  • True Blue TriBlend™ Marker Z2491
  • Dark Red TriBlend™ Marker Z2497
  • Citrus Green TriBlend™ Marker Z2484

You can use any coloring medium you would like.  I just wanted to make sure to share what I used exactly!

You will also need some super strong tape (Scor or redline) that is 3/8″ or smaller (1/4 or even 1/8) to complete the projects.

We will have another post shortly as to what we consider a “basic tool kit”, so you can make sure to have those things on hand as well!

2 thoughts on “Let’s go on a Jungle Safari!

  1. Question – I’m already registered for a crop that weekend, so would need to pop in and out. Will this be recorded for replay?

    1. Hi Wendy!
      Yes! You would be able to come back and watch the classes later! We know that everyone works at their own pace, and might need to go back to review things!

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